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"Wonderful! Imaginative, exciting and funny. Highly recommended!"

De Leestafel
(The Reading Table)

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About the book

When Jack's dog is kidnapped right in front of him, his world collapses. He is lonely: his mother has died, his father lives abroad and he is at the mercy of his selfish aunt.

Then he meets a strange girl – Lev – who casually tells him she’s from another dimension. When she asks him to join a Secret Society, a bizarre adventure begins. Together with Lev and his best friend Fidel, Jack finds himself embroiled in a battle for the Phosgenite. 

 As he comes face to face with the evil Shadow Lord – Skia Gray – Jack discovers that he is capable of far more than he ever imagined.

The best children's novel out now, for readers aged 9 to 12.

De Leestrein

About the Authors

Zutje & DeViss are the writing duo Marieke van Zutphen (Zutje) and Patricia de Leuw (DeViss). Zutje calls Sydney home, and DeViss lives in Den Bosch (The Netherlands), so they live roughly 15,000 kilometres away from each other! They used to write for children's magazines at Malmberg Publishing and then both owned and ran children's marketing businesses. 

But then the time came for something completely new ...

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Buy the  book

Send us an email, and you'll have Jack & Lev at your home within a few days. The book is, of course, also available in bookstores and online. If you prefer to listen, that is also possible. The (Dutch) audiobook can be accessed through the online library and Storytel.

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