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About the book

When Jack’s dog is kidnapped right in front of him, his world collapses. He feels completely alone. His father works abroad, his mother has died and he is living with his selfish aunt who only cares about herself. But then he meets a strange girl, Lev. She tells him she’s from another dimension and wonders if he  wants to join her secret society. When Jack says ‘yes’ an extraordinary adventure begins.


Lev, Jack and his best friend Fidel become embroiled in the search for a Phosgenite. They must beat their opponent Skia Ombre, the evil Shadow Lord, to find the stone. On the journey, Jack discovers he is capable of so much more than he could have imagined ...

Jack & Lev cover
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Schermafbeelding 2018-10-16 om 15.38.59.
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