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Reviews of children

Cathelijne (12)

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Bram (10)
I have read the book and found it right away super cool. I really liked the mysterious cellar and the secret room
I'm looking forward to Part 2.

Lucas (11)
I have just finished the book Jack & Lev. It was really awesome. Throughout the holidays I kept on reading. It was so exciting and funny  too.  I wanted it to go on and on. 

Birgit (10)
I thought the book was
awfully awesome! I
t was exciting all the way, which made it fun to read.  I wanted to read all the time and could picture what it all looked like. 

Anouk (11)
The book was funny, cool and exciting. Full of fantasy. I loved the idea of being able to disappear and do magic things. Things were happening all the time and it got more and more exciting. Ik wasn't difficult to read and great fun. I give the book an A!

Izzie (12)
I hate it that I have finished the book. It was such fun! And so exciting!
I loved it. It's definitely one of my favourite books. Next to Harry Potter, When can I expect Part 2? 

Jacob (11)

I thought the Katomanians spoke very funny. The scenes in the caves were absolutely thrilling! This book is incomparable to any other book and that's a very big compliment.

Loes (11)
I liked this book very much, because it was so exciting. It was fun to read, because there were so many mysterious things happening. The part in de caves was breathtaking! But to be honest Iloved the book from start to finish.


I love exciting books. That's why Jack&Lev entered my list of best books. For me they belong between  Ronia the robber's daughter and Charlie & the chocolate factory. 

That's all and o yes, the Katomanians talk so funny!


Melle (9)

It was exciting, sometimes almost too exciting . I read a piece every night. Some nice drawings in between would make the book even more fun.


Luuk (11)

I thought it was a funny and exciting book.  I just didn't want to stop reading. It is therefore definitely in my top 5 . Unfortunately I I read it all. What a pity...

Marijke Huisman
(Grandmother of a lot of grandchildren)

I really enjoyed it, definitely not just for kids. Nice, exciting story, difficult to put the book down, very funny language! And of course there must be a PART 2. Everyone must be curious about what will happen to the Katomans and Jack

So Zutje and De Viss .... Back to work :)!

Marieke (31) - librarian

The boek was given to me for the Library's bookclub. Of course I read it too. It's such a nice and exciting book! Even I -31 years of age- enjoyed it tremendously,  It's funny and thrilling. It's obvious that the story isn't finished yet, so I can't wait to read part two, I'm curious to know what will happen with the Shadow Lord, Jack & Lev.

Anna-Kinke (13)

I really liked Jack & Lev very much, because it has so much fantasy.  It's magical but at the same time realistic. It reminds me somewhat of Harry Potter, although it's acompletely different story. I love fantasy and this book was also comical. I thought it was a very original book!

Eline (21) - Harry Potter-fan

The book reads easy. You're quickly drawn into the story. I never experienced  a dull moment. Exciting all the way. I truely believe this book will be a success!  


I liked the book.

It was funny with all the fantastic, magical things that happened. Not possible of course, but that made it fun to read. Some people in the book talked very weird. I thought that funny. 

Boet (11)
Thumbs up! It's an exciting book full of action. This book is in my top 3 of best books. How can anyone write such a brilliant story?! I give it an A+! 

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