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Jack and Lev - The return of the Lord of Shadow

Jack and Lev - The return of the Lord of Shadow

SKU: 0001

1 book: Jack and Lev

When Jacks dog is being kidnapped right in front of his eyes, his world collapses. He is alone and lonely. His father works abroad, his mother is dead and he is living with his selfish aunt who only cares about herself. Then he meets this strange girl, Lev. She tells him out of the blue that she comes from another dimension and asks him to join a secret fellowship. With his yes starts an extraordinary adventure.Together with Lev and Jack’s best friend Fidel he gets entangled in the search for a fosgeniet. Their opponent: Skia Ombre, the evil Shadow Lord. Jack finds out that he can do so much more than he could ever imagine...


    Language: Dutch

    Binding method: paperback

    Release date: November 2020

    Edition: 1st edition

    Dimensions: 170 mm x 240 mm

    Number of pages: 248

    Recommended age: 9 to 12 years

    Illustrations: yes

    ISBN: 978-90-9033876-7

    Authors: Zutje & DeViss

    Illustrator: Nelleke van Hoof

    Publisher: Aussie Publishing

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